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About Us

One Goal, One Passion, Exceeding Excellence.

At Wave Care Services, we have more than 25 years of collective expertise in the realm of social care, with a specialised focus on residential childcare and supported accommodation. Guided by our experienced leaders, Billy Mulvaney and Phillip Marshall, we are dedicated to raising the standards of care. Our commitment revolves around safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of children and young people. Through our wealth of experience, we aim to contribute positively to the field, striving for excellence in every aspect of residential childcare and supported accommodation services.

Our Story

Billy and Phillip bring extensive expertise to the field of residential childcare and supported accommodation, having gained valuable experience from support worker roles to senior management positions. Both professionals have individually operated their own consultation companies.

In 2023, following discussions, they decided to merge their respective companies to form a unified entity named Wave Care Services.


This merger is geared towards synergising their knowledge, skills, and experience to create a more formidable force in the industry. Under the banner of Wave Care Services, Billy and Phillip aim to provide tailored packages that support care providers in implementing and sustaining improvements. Their approach involves offering strategic advice to facilitate the development of residential childcare and supported accommodation homes, with the goal of achieving positive outcomes and providing effective solutions to challenging situations.

The consolidation of their expertise and the establishment of Wave Care Services reflect a commitment to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of care services within the sector.

Meet The Team

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