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Our Services

Tailored Solutions for Exceptional Care

At Wave Care Services, we understand that each children's home is unique, and our services are crafted to meet those distinctive needs. Our commitment is to elevate the standards of care through a comprehensive range of offerings.

Regulation 44 Visitors

Our dedicated Regulation 44 Visitors ensure compliance with the children’s homes regulation 2015 within children's homes. We provide thorough assessments that provide thorough review and challenge to the management team where recommendations can be actioned. Wave Care Services will provide you with ongoing support to guarantee the highest standards.

Registration Support

Navigating the registration process can be complex. Our consultants offer guidance and support, streamlining the registration journey for your children's home.

Compliance Audits

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our quality assurance or service development audits. We meticulously review your practices, identify areas for improvement, and help you maintain a home that thrives for the children and young people within your care.

Independent Return Home Interviews (IRHI)

Our Independent Return Home Interviews prioritise the well-being of young individuals. We conduct compassionate and thorough assessments, ensuring a smooth transition.

Independent Investigations

In challenging situations, our Independent Investigations offer impartial and comprehensive reviews, ensuring transparency and fair resolution.

Reporting and Recording Systems

Efficient reporting is critical. Our experts assist in developing robust systems, ensuring accurate documentation, and streamlined reporting processes.

Policies and Procedures

Crafting policies that align with best practices is our expertise. We tailor Policies and Procedures to suit your children's home, ensuring clarity and compliance.

Coaching & Mentoring Services

Empower your leadership with our Coaching & Mentoring Services. We provide personalised guidance to nurture leadership skills and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Stay current with industry best practices through our Training programs. We offer tailored training sessions to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need.

Registration Preparation Visits

Prepare for success with our Registration Preparation Visits. We assess your readiness, provide valuable insights, and guide you through the process to ensure a seamless registration experience.

Mock Interviews

Ace regulatory interviews with confidence. Our Mock Interviews simulate real scenarios, preparing you thoroughly for regulatory assessments.

External Supervisions

Enhance your team's capabilities with External Supervisions. We provide constructive feedback, support professional development, and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

HR & Recruitment Support

Build a strong team with our HR & Recruitment Support. From crafting effective recruitment strategies to providing ongoing HR guidance, we're here to support your staffing needs.

Management Monitoring Systems

Stay on top of operations with our Management Monitoring Systems. We design and implement systems that empower effective management and decision-making.

DBS Services

Our DBS Services offer efficient and reliable background checks, ensuring the safety and security of your team and the children in your care.

Quality Assurance & Deep Dive Audit

Our Quality Assurance and Deep Dive Audits go beyond the surface, delving into every aspect of your organisation. We uncover opportunities for improvement, ensuring the care provided is at its best.

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